Who we are


We are based in chennai, India, a city full of heritage monuments, ancient temples and a magnificent long beach.

We are a bunch of fun loving guys ridiculously obsessed with creating web centric design and development. We love to experiment even if it results in some funny designs.

Redesigning websites is the fun part, where we seem to be quite excited. We are excited because we do things in ways ascribed by legends like Aaron gustafason, Stephanie reiger, Brad frost and Luke webrowski.

Some of our favourite reference sites are alistapart.com, bradfrost.com, smashingmagazine.com, lukew.com/ff etc.

We also subscribe to online newsletters like responsivedesignweekly, webdesignerdepot, hackdesign.org etc.

We are constantly on learning mode. As side project, we are working on an online marketing campaign builder that will help you to design your own emails, forms, surveys and landing pages. The idea is to enable the user create his online campaign to maximise lead generation in a short time and continue to engage customers.