Fertiilepix builds mobile-first fast-loading, optimized experiences that has a trickle down (or up, depending on how you look at it) effect for tablet, desktop and other emerging contexts.
Mobile first design forces you to figure what is important when you design. It requires you to prioritize the content and tasks you are creating.
It reduces file size and load time

Progressive enhancement

Progressive Enhancement (PE) is the principle of starting with a rock-solid foundation and then adding enhancements to it if you know certain visiting user-agents can handle the improved experience.
At Fertilepix, we use progressive enhancement as an approach to web development that aims to deliver the best possible experience to the widest possible audience — whether your users are viewing your sites on an iPhone, a high-end desktop system, a Kindle, or hearing them on a screen-reader, their experience should be as fully featured and functional as possible.
Start with your content peanut, marked up in rich, semantic (X)HTML. Coat that content with a layer of rich, creamy CSS. Finally, add JavaScript as the hard candy shell to make a wonderfully tasty treat (and keep it from melting in your hands).

User experience

The user experience is not one simple action, it is an interconnected cycle of attempting to satisfy hopes, dreams, needs, and desires. -Jess McMullin
Design should focus on an experience.
Users crave simplicity and clarity.
People scan websites.
Design to capture someone’s attention above the fold.