Common mistakes web designers make.

May 5, 2015 6:19 pm

Relying on readymade wordpress templates

The premise is content should lead to design, not the other way round.

It has become a common practice among web designers to depend on off-the-shelf templates available on the internet. These themes are generally so callous about page size and bandwidth, thereby disregarding the very principles of responsive web design. Most of them are unreliable and customizing the design is cumbersome. These themes and templates totally disregard older versions of operating systems and browsers. Almost all the leading web developers discourage designers from using them. At Fertilepix, we hand code customized CMS themes to suit the content of our clients.


Frameworks like bootstrap and foundation unnecessarily increase the file size. Web designers seem to think they cannot design responsively without these frameworks. In fact, by coding their own design, web designers can drastically reduce the file size and can change the design easily, when it is needed.


Images contribute to around 60% of the file size. It is critical that images are optimized and served responsively. Many template designers ignore this.

Progressive enhancement

As far as i know, no template or theme designer has used progressive enhancement principles.

Fertilepix diligently follows all of these necessary methods to delight its clients.


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