Challenges of web design

June 6, 2015 12:46 pm

A web developer’s survival is tied to the ability of the products he makes to work in situations one hasn’t imagined, and on devices that don’t yet exist. This has always been the challenge of web design.

To manage in a world of ever-increasing device complexity, we, at Fertilepix, focus on what matters most to our customers and businesses.

  • Evaluating whether content is useful, valuable, actually worthy of being on mobile (or the desktop, for that matter)
  • Assessing the amount of content that can appear on a “page” on different devices, and striking a balance for different form factors
  • Creating multiple forms of headlines, teasers, or body text, so valuable information doesn’t get truncated randomly
  • Planning to develop alternate versions of some assets—such as different image sizes and crops, alternatives to large infographics or tables, new demo videos showing both desktop and mobile versions of the interface
  • Reacting to every device variance makes inclusive design extremely challenging. A high-level, close-enough set of standards for device types can simplify the process of adaptation. Additional, detailed profile information can supplement these standards.

Technology will change. Standards will evolve. But the need for understanding our content—its purpose, meaning, structure, relationships, and value—will remain. When we can embrace this thinking, we will unshackle our content —confident it will live on, as it travels into the great future unknown.

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